The TalkAbility™ Program

Are you looking for strategies to support your child’s social skills?

Kids Connect Therapy is excited to be offering TalkAbility™, an evidenced-based program for parents of children with social skill difficulties.

Who does TalkAbility™ help? 

The TalkAbility™ Program is the right fit for you and your child if you answer “yes” to more than one of the following questions:

  • Does your child find it difficult to hold a conversation with others?
  • Does your child get along better with adults than children?
  • Does your child insist on talking about things they aren’t interested in?
  • Does your child get upset if his or her routines change?

What Parents learn in the TalkAbility™ Program

At the TalkAbility™ program, you’ll learn practical strategies that you can easily build into your child’s everyday life. You’ll use these strategies to:

  • Help your child have effective back-and-forth conversations
  • Encourage your child to pay attention to the social messages people send non-verbally
  • Model the language your child needs in order to talk about his feelings and those of other people
  • Help your child interact with other children and make friends

Please contact us to find out more.