School Holiday Programs

Social Skills Intensive Program

Our School Holiday Program provides an intensive learning time where your child can practice:

    • Listening
    • Conversation
    • Peer games
    • Cooperation
    • Problem solving
    • Reading social cues
    • Using language with peers
    • Sequencing and body awareness

Our experienced therapists facilitate your child’s interactions with his or her peers during naturalistic play contexts, including gross-motor, sensory and/or symbolic (pretend) play.  The program is intended as an intensive practice time for your child. There will be a written report at the end of the program if your child attends three or more sessions. If your child is new to our clinic, a 45 minute assessment will be needed to ascertain their suitability and best target their areas of need in the program. For more information, please contact us .

‘Skills for School’ School Readiness Program

Our ‘Skills For School’ School Readiness Program is a supported practice time for children who are enrolled in mainstream prep in the next calendar year.

Children who would benefit most from the program include those with:

    • Identified language delays
  • Gross and fine motor delays
  • Attention difficulties
  • Reduced social and emotional maturity

The school readiness program is an intensive program run during the September and January school holiday periods. Children attend a 90-minute session three times each week, over a two or three-week period. A written progress report with individualised strategies for school is provided at the end of the program. For more information, please contact us .