Social Development in Melbourne Children from Infancy and Early Childhood

Parents who have concerns about their child’s social development in early childhood in Melbourne may want to connect with a social skills group to enhance their child’s social abilities. No formal diagnosis is needed to take advantage of the group program at Kids Connect Therapy. With the help of our experienced team of therapists, your child can learn to engage with others on a whole new level. Our social skills groups are play-based and facilitated by both an occupational therapist and a speech pathologist. Having both fields represented ensures that a wide variety of skills are observed and practised, in a fun, child-led natural environment.

Ways to Aid Social Development in Infancy for Melbourne Parents

Infants thrive on one-on-one interactions. It is how they learn almost everything in their first year, especially in the realm of emotional and social development. Infancy for Melbourne children is the time when they start to understand and practice the skills we all need to use in our interpersonal relationships: problem-solving, empathy, and emotional regulation. Parents can help their children develop these skills by engaging them frequently in face-to-face interactions, whether it’s just talking to them or playing a simple back-and-forth game like peek-a-boo.

Naming emotions can help an infant start to grasp the concept of feelings, and how to control them. Examples include when a child is upset over the loss of a toy, saying things like, “I’m sorry you’re sad. You liked that toy. How about this toy instead?” In this example, the caregiver is naming the emotion, telling the child that they are heard and understood, and offering the chance to move on from the feeling. Such everyday interactions are critical to healthy development, and caregivers play an essential role in helping that process along. Babies need such engagement to practise social skills and refine them – a process that continues all through childhood and into adolescence.

How Kids Connect Therapy Can Help

Kids Connect Therapy offers services for parents concerned about social development in their children. In our Melbourne-area clinic, and when needed a variety of other locations, including schools and homes, we offer an array of services to help every child reach their full potential. From social skills groups to occupational therapy for fine and gross motor skills and sensory processing to speech therapy for apraxia, auditory processing, and other issues, we work as a team to develop the right plan for all our clients. Through the years, we have seen the benefits of taking a multi-disciplinary approach to helping children improve their skills, and we believe that the most successful interventions are ones that focus on the child. This means using the child’s current interests and abilities to form a therapy plan that involves the family and other caregivers. We utilise principles of the DIR/Floortime® model in our therapies as it has been proven to be a successful way of keeping a child engaged and building on their strengths. Call us on (03) 9807 1114 for more information or to book in for an evaluation.