Where to Get Treatment for Your Toddler’s Sensory Processing Disorder in Melbourne

If you are the parent of a toddler diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, you may have reservations about sending them off to preschool or kindergarten. This can be a difficult time for any parent, knowing you will have to send your child away for hours at a time in an environment you cannot control. Yet, for parents of children with sensory processing disorder, you may be particularly concerned about how your little one will cope. If your toddler has been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, a Melbourne-area therapist may be able to help them prepare for entering the classroom.

Evidence-Based Treatment for Sensory Processing Disorder That Prepares Children for School

As a parent of a child with sensory processing disorder, you are likely already aware of the unique challenges that come with dealing with sudden changes to your child’s environment. You may have experienced meltdowns caused by sensory triggers or other behavioural or self-regulatory issues as a result. Since the school environment is often unpredictable, it is vital that you help your child and their educators prepare early on for the changes they may encounter when they go to kindergarten or school.

One helpful thing to keep in mind when considering your toddler’s sensory processing disorder is that you and your child are not alone. Every year, thousands of young children are diagnosed with some sensory processing disorder. When dealing with sensory processing disorder in a toddler, Melbourne parents can rest assured many other parents and caretakers are dealing with the same stress and concerns, and that there is help. At Kids Connect Therapy, we provide evidence-based therapy programs including Sensory Integration Intervention, the Willbarger Brushing Program and Zones of Regulation Program, that are geared toward treating sensory processing disorder in children in the Melbourne-area that help prepare kids for school and adult life.

Sensory Processing Disorder Treatment in Melbourne Tailored to Your Toddler’s Needs

Kids Connect Therapy incorporates principles of the DIR® (Developmental Individual Relationship-Based)/Floortime ™ model, which helps families and therapists design comprehensive therapy programs that are tailored to meet the specific challenges and strengths of your child. Using Sensory Integration Intervention, the Willbarger Brushing Program and Zones of Regulation Program, we have helped many children with sensory processing disorder in the Melbourne area deal with sensory triggers and aversions so that they can better cope with life’s many challenges, in school or elsewhere.

We are a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) registered provider and also offer other funding options, such as Chronic Disease Management (CDM) and the Medicare Helping Children with Autism Treatment Plan, for those who meet the requirements. Visit our ‘Funding Options’ page to see our easy reference guide to learn more about funding options for sensory processing disorder for children in Melbourne.

As a small private practice, Kids Connect Therapy aims to offer as much flexibility as possible in meeting the needs of each family, and as such can meet with your child outside our Ashwood clinic at home or kindergarten as needed for sensory processing disorder treatment in Melbourne. To see if your toddler may benefit from our programs, contact us by phone or by email to schedule a consultation today.