How a Child Speech Pathologist in Melbourne Can Help Toddlers with Language Development

As every parent knows, no two children are the same when it comes to their personalities or their preferences. The same thing goes for how they develop as well. While not every baby or toddler learns to speak at the same pace, there may be times when young children need the help of a speech pathologist to help meet their developmental communication milestones. At Kids Connect Therapy, we can provide a speech pathologist for kids in Melbourne. We offer a team-based, integrated approach to therapy for toddlers and children dealing with issues related to communication.

Why You May Want to Have Your Child See a Speech and Language Pathologist in Melbourne

While there are many things parents can do at home to promote healthy speech development, from speaking to infants early on using simple sounds, as well as talking slowly as they mature to help them better grasp necessary language skills, there are still times when toddlers and older children struggle with learning speech. There may be a variety of reasons for this, ranging from issues with socialisation to cognitive delays, but in many cases, these are all treatable with therapy. If your child is having difficulty with their language skills, a speech pathologist for kids in the Melbourne area may be able to help.

At Kids Connect Therapy, we work with children to enhance their speech and language skills, as well as assist with literacy and social skill development to prepare kids for adult life. Our speech pathologists can help with issues related to speech or language difficulties, such as language delays, articulation problems and stuttering. When you visit a speech pathologist for toddlers in Melbourne at our Ashwood clinic, the therapist will identify any potential issues and work with your child to correct them early on, before they become an issue at school or later in life.

We Provide Research-Based Speech Therapy Programs for Kids

Kids Connect Therapy is built upon providing a flexible service that strives to meet the needs of each child and family. While we are primarily clinic-based in Ashwood, Victoria, we can also visit children at home, kindergarten, or school. If you cannot come to us, a paediatric speech pathologist can go to your Melbourne area residence or school to work one-to-one with your toddler or school-aged kid.

Our speech pathology sessions incorporate principles of evidence-based and validated therapy programs, such as the Lindamood-Bell® learning programs, which help to improve the language processing that forms the foundation of all future communication and learning. A speech pathologist for toddlers in Melbourne at our clinic may be able to provide this intensive type of instruction in a way that is highly tailored toward your small child’s individual needs.

At Kids Connect Therapy, we believe in treating speech and language issues as a team, where you and your child work with our therapists through programs geared to meet your child’s specific needs. As a small private practice, we can provide customised therapy activities for both speech and language, as well as occupational therapy, for all children from infancy through adolescence. If you are interested in learning more about how a speech and language pathologist in Melbourne may be able to help your child better succeed in school and overcome their communication difficulties, contact us today to find out more.